Everyone suffers from sadness and depression at one point in their life.  Unfortunately it affects some people more than others and longer than it affects others.  The reason for this is because they allow it to keep affecting their mood and in turn it makes life less enjoyable.  Sometimes it is harder to get over something than it is other times, but the bottom line is that you have the power to get over anything that life throws at you.  The easiest way to move on is to simply change your perception on life.

When something bad happens, it is human nature to think about how many different ways it can negatively affect your life.  When instead, you should change your perception on life and look at the positives.  Dwelling on the negatives doesn’t do any good for anyone.  No matter what happens to you there is always someone who is less fortunate, who is also more thankful for what they have.   The real secret to changing your perception and being happier is to stop taking things for granted.  To really see what advantages you have in life, take the time to volunteer at a soup kitchen or homeless shelter.  By doing one of these things you will see many people who are less fortunate than you are, and how happy they are to receive a simple meal or be given clothing and shelter.

In order to change your perception on life and be happier, you must really realize what is important in this world.  The quote “Money can’t buy happiness,” can easily be proven true.  When you think about some of the most important things that make you happy, the list can get pretty narrow, that is when you include things that are really needed and not wants such as a brand new car.  One thing that is common on almost everyone’s list of things to make them happy, is love.  Something that money cannot buy, so in other words the previous quote means money can’t buy love.  Love is something that everyone is able to achieve no matter what their financial or social status.  You do not need tangible things in order to feel love and find someone special.

So the next time something bad happens to you, such as not getting a promotion at work or not getting the grade on a test you wanted, just change your perception on life and look at the things that make you happy.  Even if you don’t have love for someone at this point in your life, keep in mind you still have the ability to love and someday will find someone special.  Think about how when you go home after a tough day that you have food in your fridge, clothing for the next day, and the means to donate to a charity and help other people get some of the things they need that you already have. There is always a silver lining in every situation and your life, the task is just to recognize and embrace it.