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Reward Yourself: Take a Break

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Everyone eventually gets overworked, the key to minimize the negative effects of being overworked is to remember to take a break.  You can over exert yourself in many different ways, this can happen through working too hard at your job and becoming stressed, or it can also come from manual labor you do around the house.  One way of overworking yourself is mental, while the other way is physical, the main point though is that you realize when you are being overworked and remember to take a break and relax every once in awhile.

After coming off this Holiday Break which included Christmas and New Year’s I’m sure you are rested up and ready to return to work.  Remember this feeling and think about how taking your own break every few months would benefit you and get you in the mood to work again when your own mini vacation is over.  You can do this by taking two days off on your own, and then having the weekend off like normal and turn it into a 4 day break in which you will relax and not worry about anything just like you did over this Holiday Season.

To make it seem like even more of a break from work you can even leave your house and take a vacation somewhere.  Now while doing this a few times a year may not be  financialy responsible, your vacation doesn’t always have to be somewhere far away and expensive.  You can take a vacation to a place within driving distance that you have never been to before and stay in a hotel for a few nights and just explore.

Many top companies have realized that productivity is at its highest when employees are recharged and take time away from work in order to relax.  There are countless research experiments behind their method to force employees to take time off in order to raise productivity.  For most people though they don’t have the luxury or forced time off, they instead need to take the initiative and take their own time off with their PTO and find a way to really relax and make it feel like a vacation.  Just remember, you deserve a break, so take one.

Book Review:The Camel Club-David Baldacci

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This Washington D.C. thriller by David Baldacci is a book that will be harder to put down the farther into it you get.  The Camel Club brings fictional events and people, combined with real life scenarios to bring the reader deep into the mind of special agents from different government organizations as they try to prevent a plan of treason by American government agents.  Baldacci uses a fictional group of men with different and secret backgrounds who form together to make “The Camel Club.”  This group of four men observe different government people and operations to try to uncover the truths hidden in Washington D.C.  The Camel Club is a great read for people who enjoy suspenseful books which combine elements of danger, crime, and heroism all into one exciting story.

9/10 Peanuts

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Book Review: Better Off-Novel by Eric Brende

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The novel Better Off, is centered around the idea that humans can be better off with less technology in their lives.  Brende briefly describes why he thinks less technology is better for humans in the beginning of the novel; he tells of how he thinks technology replaces humans and makes them think less and be less social.  Brende’s main purpose in writing this novel was to try to find the right amount of technology needed for a modest living.

To try to accomplish his goal of finding the right amount of technology, Brende and his wife go live in a very remote Mennonite (Amish) community.  In this community Brende and his wife give up all electricity in their new house and use hard work and basic tools to farm the crops they need for eating and selling.  He goes through 18 months living in a Mennonite community to see what technology is used and how society is different between the high-tech cities today and this modest more old-time community of the past.

Overall: Brende does a great job of showing the struggles along with the triumph of doing manual work as opposed to using advanced technology to fulfill a more leisurely lifestyle.  At times Brende seems to go a little overboard on his approach as anti new technology and really provides unneeded struggles for him and his wife which would have resulted dangerously.  This novel is highly recommended to those who are interested in reading about a new approach to technology and really want to get their brain thinking.  8/10 peanuts.

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