Book Review:The Camel Club-David Baldacci

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This Washington D.C. thriller by David Baldacci is a book that will be harder to put down the farther into it you get.  The Camel Club brings fictional events and people, combined with real life scenarios to bring the reader deep into the mind of special agents from different government organizations as they try to prevent a plan of treason by American government agents.  Baldacci uses a fictional group of men with different and secret backgrounds who form together to make “The Camel Club.”  This group of four men observe different government people and operations to try to uncover the truths hidden in Washington D.C.  The Camel Club is a great read for people who enjoy suspenseful books which combine elements of danger, crime, and heroism all into one exciting story.

9/10 Peanuts

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Get Hired: 5 Words To Get You Hired

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Whether people have a job or are unemployed, almost everyone should always be looking for a job.  Even if you are currently employed, there are always opportunities to advance your career by going someplace new to a higher up position.  You don’t necessarily need to be applying to other places constantly, but keeping your ears and eyes open is a great way to learn about new opportunities to get hired somewhere. Here are 5 keywords to keep in mind during your interview to help ensure you get hired once you find a job opportunity.

Passion- Use the word passion in your interview and say how you are passionate about the work you do and how you have a passion to help people.  This will show the interviewer you care about your work and are going to put everything you have into it.

Asset- Explain to the interviewer why you are an asset or an important piece to the company you are applying to work for.  Tell them what special skills you have and how that will help and advance the company.

Communicator- This is important because in order for business to be done people must communicate.  This includes with their co-workers along with higher up management and even the customers.  Explain how you get along great with co-workers and are able to describe things clearly and efficiently.

Quick Learner- Let them know you are willing to study and learn even more about the business you are in (don’t make it sound like you have minimal knowledge) and wish to learn from fellow co-workers.

Practical- Don’t show too much excitement during your interview, this could turn on the interviewer.  You must still show a certain enthusiasm towards the company and the job you want.  Let them know that you are excited about new opportunities and when working you will make sure to think logically before making decisions.

Top 5 Emotional Movies of the 2000’s

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Here is a top 5 list of the best emotional movies between 2000-2010.  The movies are ranked off how emotional they are and how involved the viewer feels and is affected by the characters in the movie, along with how entertaining the movie also is. For more movie reviews visit

1) The Pursuit of Happyness- This movie stars Will Smith along with his own son, Jaden Smith, who plays Will Smiths’ character’s son in the movie.  The movie is based on a true story of one man’s life starting with his wife leaving him because of money troubles; all the way to his rise as a top stock broker for the company Dean Witter.  The movie gets its emotional appeal by following Chris Gardner (Will Smith) and his son through their different homes from motels to the streets, while being completely broke.  The viewer is brought into the movie by the great acting of Will Smith being the ultimate dad and still providing for and protecting his son during their unfortunate stint on the streets of New York.

2) Hard Ball- This baseball heavy movie centers around an in debt gambler in Keanu Reeves who must coach a youth baseball team filled with black boys who must live below the poverty line.  The boys on the team all live in dangerous neighborhoods and must face gangs and guns everyday.  More than once in the movie is a member of the team assaulted or killed by gang violence.  Watching this movie the viewer learns to love Reeves’ character despite all the wrong and selfish moves he makes because in the end he shows his true emotions and helps the boy’s on his team succeed at the game of life.

3) Seven Pounds-  This movie also stars Will Smith, who years earlier causes a late night car crash which kills 7 people total including his fiance.  To make up for his mistake and sadness Smith goes about trying to enrich the lives of 7 random people.  He does this through bodily transplants to the people he sets out to help.  To gain even more emotional appeal to the viewer Smith ends up falling for one of the woman he tries helping.  The love effect along with Smith giving up his own body and health to save other is what makes this movie so great and very emotional.

4) Remember the Titans- This very popular movie takes place in the early 1970’s  and stars Denzel Washington as the head football coach of a southern high school which has recently become biracial.  This movie shows the problems both on and off the football field caused by racial tensions back in the 70’s.  While it shows the success of Washington’s methods on the football field to bring together the black and white players, the community still struggles from racism and this movie puts all viewers on the front line of what life was like for black’s back in the day’s of racism and social inequality between whites and blacks.

5) Marley & Me- When there is a movie starring Jennifer Aniston the guys go flocking to see it, when you include a cute troublesome dog the woman are also drawn into the movie.  Marley & Me contains both Aniston and a cute lovable but troublesome dog.  This movie takes after the book and doesn’t disappoint.  Owen Wilson and Aniston are a married couple who are trying to start a family while also raising a dog, both are journalists in the Florida area where Wilson writes a weekly column about the troubles his dog Marley gets into both by destroying his house and at the public beaches.  The emotion in this movie starts out as happy while including many funny parts, but turns more serious and sad as the family moves north and Marley ages  while their 3 kids worry about their loved dog.

Book Review: Better Off-Novel by Eric Brende

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The novel Better Off, is centered around the idea that humans can be better off with less technology in their lives.  Brende briefly describes why he thinks less technology is better for humans in the beginning of the novel; he tells of how he thinks technology replaces humans and makes them think less and be less social.  Brende’s main purpose in writing this novel was to try to find the right amount of technology needed for a modest living.

To try to accomplish his goal of finding the right amount of technology, Brende and his wife go live in a very remote Mennonite (Amish) community.  In this community Brende and his wife give up all electricity in their new house and use hard work and basic tools to farm the crops they need for eating and selling.  He goes through 18 months living in a Mennonite community to see what technology is used and how society is different between the high-tech cities today and this modest more old-time community of the past.

Overall: Brende does a great job of showing the struggles along with the triumph of doing manual work as opposed to using advanced technology to fulfill a more leisurely lifestyle.  At times Brende seems to go a little overboard on his approach as anti new technology and really provides unneeded struggles for him and his wife which would have resulted dangerously.  This novel is highly recommended to those who are interested in reading about a new approach to technology and really want to get their brain thinking.  8/10 peanuts.

How to defeat your Drowsiness

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Many Americans suffer from drowsiness throughout the day which in turn can become dangerous for them and other people.  Being drowsy can lead to falling asleep at the wheel and causing a car crash, to less dangerous things such as falling asleep at work and either getting in trouble or falling behind on work.  Here are a few things you can do during your day to keep from being drowsy and be more alert.

Shower- When you wake up in the morning you most likely are still tired and want to go back to bed, which can be the beginning of a day full of drowsiness.  The best way to fight this is as soon as you wake up or your alarm goes off, is to immediately get out of bed and hop in the shower.  Laying around in your bed gives you the feeling you can be relaxed and lazy the rest of the day, which might not be the case if you have something important such as work.  Getting up right away and going in the shower allows your body to realize it is time to wake up for good.  A good trick to get up right away is to set your alarm and place it in your room in a place where you will have to physically get up and walk over to turn it off.

Coffee- The main ingredient in coffee that wakes you up is caffeine, which can be found in other beverages such as energy drinks.  The difference between coffee and energy drinks is that coffee has added benefits such as reducing the risk for certain types of cancer along with type 2 diabetes according to  Energy drinks on the other hand can contain dangerously high amounts of caffeine and when the effect wears off in a few hours users experience a crash when they lose all the energy they had and in turn are more tired than they were before drinking it.

Exercise- This doesn’t mean going to the gym and working out for an hour every morning, this includes getting out of bed and possibly going for a mile run/jog every morning to get your heart pumping which raises adrenaline and gives you energy to stay awake.  If it’s cold outside and running isn’t an option don’t rule out doing jumping jacks along with push ups and sit ups.  Anything works as long as it gets your heart pumping.

Eat Breakfast- Everyone has heard that the most important meal of the day is breakfast.  Well now is the time to start listening to that and start practicing it.  The food you eat in the morning provides you the initial energy to get your day started.  Not only does it jump-start your metabolism, but it also gives you immediate energy and you are now ready to start your day.  Just be careful to eat enough food, but not too much.  Eating too much food and completely filling ones stomach has been proven to make people tired which is the opposite effect you want in the morning.


Are you a Young Entrepreneur?

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If you have ever thought of starting and running your own business and want to be able to work at home and do something you love, then make sure you check out this website for entrepreneurs.  This is a website I have been on for years and is a great way to ask questions and discuss all things business.  On the website you can read the official blog of Young Entrepreneur and gain some tips from some successful entrepreneurs through the blog.  If you are ever unsure about something business wise make sure to check out the forum on the site and ask your questions and help answer some and just discuss entrepreneurship with other people.  This is a great website to expand your knowledge while also peaking your creativity and helping you start your own business.

Google Chrome

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After finally making the change from Internet Explorer to Google Chrome I am glad to say it is a much better internet system and experience and am glad I made the decision to switch.  For those of you who are unaware of Google Chrome, simply just visit the website and you can either download right away or preview some of its features first. To save you some time I will briefly tell you some of the features I have taken advantage of.

Google Chrome Store– Available to anyone who downloads Google Chrome and is a vast collection of different applications you can install.  This applications don’t show up on your desktop, instead they show up on your Google Chrome Homepage.

Applications– Applications available for installation include games, entertainment, news and weather, utilities, and 8 other broad categories which are designed to bring you happiness, improve your browsing experience, and make your life that much easier.

Homepage-Unlike other Internet browsers(firefox,safari, or Internet explorer) Google Chrome lets you pick a certain website as your homepage like other browsers do.  BUT, they also have the option of letting Google Chrome be your homepage which includes the Google Chrome Store and all the applications you have installed from Google Chrome

Google Chrome can be used as either an at home tool used in your leisure time to have fun, or can also be used as a serious business tool to help those of you running your own business.  I have used it for both needs and have never been disappointed.

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