Easy Ways to Make Extra Money


No matter what your occupation is, or if you are still attending school or currently out of work, there are many ways you can make some easy money with skills you already have.  The amount of money you make from these ideas is solely dependent on how much money you put into them.  They can either be a small part-time thing for extra spending money, or they can maybe rival your job in a few years and turn you into an entrepreneur.  Either way, read closely and you will definitely find something to help you make some extra money.

Writing- This covers a huge variety of ways to make money.  Despite what you may be thinking this doesn’t require any formal writing classes or a degree in writing.  As long as you know basic grammar and have a computer with spell check you are in business.  You can show you writing through blogging, or writing for a local newspaper or magazine on a weekly basis or more depending on how much time you have.  You can self publish an e-book if you have enough time to write it, then you simply find blogs or websites which you can put ads on and when a sale is made the website gets some commission and you receive the rest.  Or, if you enjoy reading but not writing yet still know grammar rules and spelling, you can sell your skills of being an editor and proofread and edit other people’s books, blogs, or articles.

Coaching or Tutoring- Coaching is also known as consulting, so open up your own consulting business in an area which you are very knowledgeable on and help people with their problems in that area or simply give them tips.  This can be done either in person or over the internet where you make your own website and can have e-mail or phone conversations with your customers.  Tutoring on the other hand is mostly done in person but is very easy to gain customers.  Just find your best subject (something you have completed) and put up fliers in your community, around colleges or high schools,  or put up ads on Craigslist.

Computer Skills-Computer skills give you the opportunity to go into many different kinds of internet businesses.  There’s the opportunity to create websites and then sell them after some time, or make websites for other business.  You can create different applications and sell them on your website, which is similar to making your own software and selling it on a website also.  Using Photoshop or other computer design tools you could make logos or business cards for companies and make money that way.

Arts & Crafts- Really good at making something?  Start up your own website and sell it.  If you aren’t good with computers and don’t want to pay for someone else to make you a site, find local craft shows and bring your products there or else sell at local colleges if what you are selling is cheap enough for them to buy.  The items you make and sell can range from necklaces and bracelets all the way to blankets and scarfs.

One of these 4 small business ideas is bound to fit into at least one of your skill sets.  The important thing before starting this business or using one of these skills you have to make money is to read a book outlining how to do these things on your own.  If after reading a book you still have questions you can join an internet forum where there are many people with experience in your business and all are willing to help you out.


Google Chrome

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After finally making the change from Internet Explorer to Google Chrome I am glad to say it is a much better internet system and experience and am glad I made the decision to switch.  For those of you who are unaware of Google Chrome, simply just visit the website http://www.chrome.google.com and you can either download right away or preview some of its features first. To save you some time I will briefly tell you some of the features I have taken advantage of.

Google Chrome Store– Available to anyone who downloads Google Chrome and is a vast collection of different applications you can install.  This applications don’t show up on your desktop, instead they show up on your Google Chrome Homepage.

Applications– Applications available for installation include games, entertainment, news and weather, utilities, and 8 other broad categories which are designed to bring you happiness, improve your browsing experience, and make your life that much easier.

Homepage-Unlike other Internet browsers(firefox,safari, or Internet explorer) Google Chrome lets you pick a certain website as your homepage like other browsers do.  BUT, they also have the option of letting Google Chrome be your homepage which includes the Google Chrome Store and all the applications you have installed from Google Chrome

Google Chrome can be used as either an at home tool used in your leisure time to have fun, or can also be used as a serious business tool to help those of you running your own business.  I have used it for both needs and have never been disappointed.

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