No I do not mean being well rounded physically, but meant it more so as being well rounded mentally.  This means knowing a small amount about many different things in life.  These things can be something you encounter everyday and want to learn a little about in order to improve your daily life; or you may choose something that is more rare and doesn’t happen everyday but is something you have always wondered about.  No matter what thing or things you start to study and learn about, whether they are daily things or odd side notes, you will become a more rounded person and will be able to reap the benefits of being so.

The whole point of being well rounded is to broaden your knowledge to relate to more people and find new interests.  The more people you relate to can lead to new friends or can add more depth to existing friendships.  The possible new interests you find can lead to many different things, this includes a new hobby, joining a group in your community that has a relations to your new found interest, or even starting your own at home business that can start out as a hobby and possibly flourish into something more.

To get started on your mission of being well rounded you should start by making a list of things you have always wondered about.  This can be a broad topic such as gardening, or can be more specific like how airplanes fly.  Just make a list of things that come to your mind and actually write them down.  After you have done this read over your list and pick a starting spot.  If you are wanting to learn about something that can be a possible business start up then make sure to check out this Research Article.  Otherwise you can start out by doing a basic internet search if you have a specific easily answered question.  If you have more of a broad topic that is going to take time learning about then look in your community for different groups, seminars, or classes that focus on your topic.

If you don’t have the time commitment for groups or classes in your area, then consider going to a local library and checking out books on the topic you want to learn more about.  Books are a great way to learn new things and the reading can even lead you down the road of another topic you want to learn about.

The purpose of high school and college general education classes that students are forced to take, is to make them more well rounded and introduce them to new things that they might be interested in and pursue a career in.  After leaving high school and college however, we are no longer forced to take classes or learn about new things outside of our job or career.  The plus side to this is that instead of being told what you have to learn, you now have the power to learn what you want and when you want to.